Andras Bat


András had produced and directed TV shows with audiences in the millions magnitude for more than ten years. As a government spokesman, he was a key player and shaper of top-level politics communication activities. As a trainer and consultant, he has been leading courses in 20 countries and advising senior executives of international corporations. He is founder and chairman of Impact Works, where – together with 25 professionals – he has provided consulting services and support for more than 100 clients in organisational development and employer branding.

Invite him as a presenter, listen to his stories and adventures and learn from his experiences in an exciting and entertaining way.

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  • "András is a fantastic trainer, I participated in one of their communication courses. It was simply the best training I've ever received on this subject. He's funny, sharp and very knowledgeable."
    Péter BaloghTech angel and entrepreneur (former CEO of NNG)
  • "András is simply the best instructor I've ever met."
    Ervin BerkiHead of Group Reporting at MOL Group
  • I participated on the "Personal Branding" training of András. Fantastic people, top professionalism, full of "practical tips and insights". I enjoyed each minute of the training! For me, the biggest value was the practical examples, the credible experiences shown by András and his team. Congratulations András!"
    Pavlics BabettFirst Vice President at UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
  • "I had the pleasure to be taught in several Media Trainings from Mr. Batiz. His professional, demanding but person oriented approached brought me further in my preparation for public appearances. Well invested time ... and money"
    Javier González Pareja CEO ROBERT BOSCH Kft. Hungary
  • We worked together with Andras on my presentation skills in a several week course. I am not here to decide how much I succeeded, but I definitely make use all the tricks and tips literally every day. The course was completely tailor made and focused on my needs. I admire the drive and professionalism of Andras and his team. I enjoyed very much this extraordinary learning experience. I would recommend Andras and the Impact Works to everyone who needs a bit of polishing on his/ her communication skills… like most of us do.
    Szabó Zoltán General Manager