András had produced and directed TV shows with audiences in the millions magnitude for more than ten years. As a government spokesman, he was a key player and shaper of top-level politics communication activities. As a trainer and consultant, he has been leading courses in 20 countries and advising senior executives of international corporations. He is founder and chairman of Impact Works, where – together with 25 professionals – he has provided consulting services and support for more than 100 clients in organisational development and employer branding.
Invite him as a presenter, listen to his stories and adventures and learn from his experiences in an exciting and entertaining way.

Online courses

Where and how does our online training help?

In the spring of 2020, most companies had to change their operations radically. Because of the constraints of permanent teleworking, the online space has become the lifeboat for our informal relationships as well as the venue of our important conferences. Which are the crucial elements of an online presentation? How can I prepare for such a situation? How can I engage my audience even if they might just not be listening to me at the moment?

Among many other things, our online training with 7 video sessions will answer these questions and help you learn how to deliver interesting, effective, and engaging presentations in both the virtual space and at offline events. For your specific needs, you can choose from three training packages that cover a broad range of topics: classic e-learning course, interactive program with homework exercises, or development package with virtual (follow-up) consultation.

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Presentations in english

It’s time to think small!

What is the adequate human approach of this era in order to team up and enjoy common work? What do we need to engage our colleagues to come out of the current transition period which won’t be finished within reasonable time? I storngly believe that by using the concept of „marginal gains” it’s time to think small, because small things can have a big impact.

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Personal appeal

The charismatic leader

Many want to become a charismatic leader, but most think this is something you need to be born to. The interactive presentation looks to prove that you don’t have to be born charismatic, you can develop your appeal. As a trainer and consultant, András has supported hundreds of leaders in building their charisma over the past decade. He integrated his extensive experiences into this presentation, introducing communication tricks and techniques that can help leaders positively shape their image.

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Storytelling In Business
Build your own charisma


Open your eyes: the inspiring power of curiosity

How can we inspire others merely by showing interest in them? How can organisations benefit from a more empathetic and people-centred leadership style? What ‘soft skills’ do we need most in our age where machines do almost every task for us? András shows through personal stories and other exciting events that curiosity is not only a privilege for children but a tool worth developing. Curiosity is also an attitude that helps to strengthen the nowadays declining trust between leaders and subordinates, as well as individuals and organisations.

By the end of the presentation, it will become apparent to participants that asking questions, a positive attitude and more curiosity enable us to develop as individuals or an organisation, or even as a company.

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I couldn’t tell anyone – I’m telling you now…

In this myth-busting presentation, András shares his very personal experiences. Through insights into a challenging period of his life, he invites the audience to a collective reflection on the causes of the decline in our mental health and possible solutions. His starting point is that although we live a better life in many aspects, we are feeling worse and worse. Globally, just over 10% of people love their job. Depression and chronic anxiety are the leading causes of absenteeism in developed countries. The use of antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs is increasing by leaps and bounds year by year. What are the reasons behind these alarming facts? What can a manager do to protect his and his colleagues’ mental health? How can vulnerability make you stronger? With his interactive presentation, András primarily looks to make what most people consider a private matter – and thus isolating themselves in trouble – a public affair. As an initial step, we should talk about it at least.

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Storytelling in the business world

Stories have power – a power that is rarely used in business today yet, even though shared stories have played a significant role in the evolutionary development of Homo Sapiens. Stories have always connected larger communities as a platform for sharing collective knowledge.

By the end of the presentation, participants will understand that stories and the more conscious application of their structure and elements help us communicate more convincingly and memorably. Thus, stories also enable us to make a more significant impact on our partners and to become more effective sales professionals, too.

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Storytelling In Business

Press in hungarian


ATV Classic – Batiz András

Forbes: Launch

Pimaszúr spends the night – 1st part

Pimaszúr spend the night – 2nd part


“I had the pleasure to be taught in several Media Trainings from Mr. Batiz. His professional, demanding but person oriented approached brought me further in my preparation for public appearances. Well invested time … and money”

“András is a fantastic trainer, I participated in one of their communication courses. It was simply the best training I’ve ever received on this subject. He’s funny, sharp and very knowledgeable.”

We worked together with Andras on my presentation skills in a several week course. I am not here to decide how much I succeeded, but I definitely make use all the tricks and tips literally every day. The course was completely tailor made and focused on my needs. I admire the drive and professionalism of Andras and his team. I enjoyed very much this extraordinary learning experience. I would recommend Andras and the Impact Works to everyone who needs a bit of polishing on his/ her communication skills… like most of us do.

“András is simply the best instructor I’ve ever met.”

I participated on the “Personal Branding” training of András. Fantastic people, top professionalism, full of “practical tips and insights”. I enjoyed each minute of the training! For me, the biggest value was the practical examples, the credible experiences shown by András and his team. Congratulations András!”